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We make no charge for kiln dried logs Faringdon deliveries from our yard nearby in Garford.

Our hardwood logs are mixed hardwood loads (primarily beech, oak and ash) and are dried in a kiln which is fuelled by waste wood from the yard. Because they are then barn stored, they maintain a very low moisture content of between 10 – 20%.

We deliver daily to Faringdon and the surrounding villages including Watchfield, Coxwell, Shrivenham, Uffington and Longcott. See our map for more details, but if you think you are just outside the area, please give us a call. Our delivery charges are competitive and we may be already delivering close to your location.

Kiln Dried Logs in stock for immediate delivery to Faringdon
kiln dried logs faringdon
kiln dried logs available for immediate delivery in Faringdon

Kiln dried logs Faringdon – Free Delivery


We deliver our logs with a small truck, promptly and reliably at a time agreed with you. We deliver to the Faringdon area almost daily. Our firewood is delivered loose or bagged and we can offer a stacking service. We also construct and supply custom made log stores to help keep your firewood in top condition for burning all winter.

DEFRA Woodsure Approved

Woodsure approval means we have to comply with strict quality standards. Our wood is sustainably sourced from responsible suppliers and processing and storage is closely monitored. Woodsure compliance requires logs to be below 20% moisture (ours may be as low as 10%, but never higher than 20%). Logs are then barn stored to ensuring they reach you in the best condition to burn.

If you are the owner of a DEFRA approved appliance, you will find our logs burn easily, with an extremely high heat output. This reduces emissions and is more cost effective, requiring fewer deliveries and higher efficiency.

We are fully compliant with the latest DEFRA and Woodsure Government pollution and emissions legislation for firewood suppliers.
kiln dried logs ready to burn
High quality firewood with Woodsure approval
DEFRA pollution standards compliant